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Join Our Best php mysql Course in Nashik

Be Job Ready in php mysql with Nashik City’s Best Certification Courses from Creon Institute.  Learn under experienced Instructors with industry oriented practical curriculum.  Creon Institute is Trusted By Leading Software, Web & IT Companies For job & internship of our students. Become a Certified Php Developer from Creon Institute & start your challenging Career Today.

php course in nashik

Professional Diploma in Php MySql

Duration: 3 Months | 3 Days a Week Batch
Fees: Rs 13,500 | 4,500 Monthly Installment
Lectures: Offline Batch Or Zoom Online

Course Syllabus:

Introduction to PHP, phpinfo(), echo & print in PHP, PHP Variables, PHP inside HTML , Concatenation, Comments, Constants in PHP, String Functions, Arithmetic Operators, Assignment Operators, If else Statement, If else if Statement Comparison Operators, Switch, Loops – while & do while, For Loop, Arrays & Types of Arrays, foreach loop, PHP User defined Functions, include & require statements, PHP file handling, PHP Global Variables, Form Handling using GET & POST, Form handling functions, Contact Form using PHP, Advance Form Validation, PHP mail Function, Creating Calculator using PHP, Introduction to Database, Introduction to MySql, Create, Modify & Delete Database & Table using phpmyadmin, Connecting to server using mysql, Use of MySql Queries to access & modify Server, Database & Table Create Database using PHP, Create, Modify & Delete Table data using PHP, Cookies, Session, Project: Registration & Login Page Using HTML Form, PHP, MySql Database

Why Creon Institute?

  • Best Certification Course in Nashik
  • 100% Job / Internship Support After Course
  • Practical Course With Assignments
  • Experienced Trainers
  • Business Oriented Syllabus
  • 100% Technical Support

After Course Completion you can:

  • Start Your Webdevelopment Company
  • Apply for a job in IT & Web Industry
  • Work as a Freelance Php Developer

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